Get up, do something and create a difference!

Here I am! Life has got me here. A journey, full of intriguing adventure that can never be erased. Adventure that am still pursuing; walking it through and inshallah I will be able to tell my grandchildren some day! I keep asking myself, what do I believe in? How can I achieve it? How can I make a difference?

These questions keep me going every day. Nothing in this world is so elusive yet so powerful as our beliefs. They have the power to dictate the direction of our lives, for good or bad, and they seemingly come out of nowhere. As a mother, I believe in working hard and I believe in keeping fit, which is good for the body, mind and soul.

Life is crazy already! So, you know what, allow yourself to be crazy too. You need to counter what life offers you, for your own success. You need to keep hope alive and endure it all.

Endurance is the ability to go through wear and tear and still complete the task at hand. It may be strength endurance in a natural or spiritual sense, endurance to overcome challenges, or endurance to push through and come out victorious. If we can fight through our issues no matter how hopeless they may look, we can change the world in ways we could never imagine.

My mind is full of plans, visions, hopes and dreams that the very thought of all I have to do makes smoke come out of my ears.

I am all psyched and raring to go…… So, let us walk together step by step; inspire each other and make a difference together.

Discover your other hidden passion!

Draw energy from your inner strength!

Come on let’s go!